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  • GREAT Day Care!

    I'm not a parent, but I am a legal guardian-- and every once in a while when my kid Rudge comes around in the summers to stay with me from up North, I have a hard time just leaving him at home to watch TV all day. Plus he's 3 -- which would make me a very irresponsible guardian or a complete jackass to leave a 3 year old at an apartment in Koreatown-- I have enough karma up against me to fill the Hollywood Bowl.

    I DO, though, have friends who are parents, and I was curious to find a day care facility that would give my lil' man not only love and attention, but wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg to just have him taken care of a day or two a week while I went to work.

    A friend of mine introduced me to Flora, the owner of FK Childcare. I couldn't meet up with her immediately and she offered for me to drop by even after her working hours. She was so polite, sweet and kind. Even when I brought Rudge to meet her the second time, he launched himself in her arms. This woman draws children like Snow White draws fawn.

    I've only used her the times I need to, and her rates are reasonable considering the effort and work she puts in with all her kids (I believe she has an assistant helping as well? There's always family members helping her out, I know that much...)

    All-in-all, I can't say anything wrong about FK Childcare. Educational, fun, social and loving-- what else could a parent - er- Guardian ask for?

  • Fun, caring and loving…

    My kids have been going to see Flora for just under a year now, and I already see great progress. What I like about Flora's child care ways is that it's just simple—there're no weird gimmicks or shady subtext—and she is very straight-forward. I love the way she treats all the kids. She puts them together and encourages social interaction. My son was so incredibly shy (even when he was at a much larger daycare) before coming to Flora. Within one month, I swear it, he would go up to random kids in the park and play with them. Flora, you changed my sons life in such a small way that will impact him for the rest of his life! Much love!

  • Thank you, Flora!

    Flora is so considerate and so sweet. Jordan was 1 year and 6 months when I took him to FK Childcare and the results were almost immediate. At first I was hesitant about taking him to an independent home care situation, and I was pushing for the more conventional child care venues. However, my husband was adamant about Flora saying that one of his coworkers had used her and she was great. Within a month I saw Jordon sleeping better and becoming more social within his playground circles. Thank you, Flora!

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