our care philosophy

Our day-to-day child care philosophy is simple: give a child love and laughter, and they will grow faster and more driven to healthy and happy choices. There are many studies that show development in the first 5 years of any child's life shapes how they will become for their future. If that be the case, why not choose a day care option that forms your child's future to be surrounded by love, knowledge and happiness?

Flora Kiumehr is a licensed Caregiver with CPR and 1st Aid Certification. She cares for all ages from infant to toddler and has a proven track record of success among her own children; driven, talented and successful individuals within their own daily life. When asked what her strategy is to compete against modern day cares, she quickly responds, "They're just not me."

There are primary activities that Flora integrates into her daily schedule including group arts & crafts, music, singing & dancing, free play with other children, reading, writing and small daily exercise routines; all basic fundamentals that will keep your child jubilant, knowledgeable and social. Go to our Daily Schedule below for more information.

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The Kiumehr Childcare Daily Schedule:

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